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Travel Changes with Covid July 2022

While the United States no longer requires COVID-19 testing for re-entry when returning from international travel, there is still the risk that you may contract the virus while on your trip. Saddle Up Health Plans is happy to offer TRAVEL INSURANCE through the nations leading carrier, IMG. Their travel protection plans can provide benefits for trip cancellation, interruption, and travel delay specifically caused by COVID-19 and/or a quarantine requirement.

Below are some examples that could result in a payable trip interruption/cancellation or travel delay claim due to COVID-19:

  1. A physician determines at the time of cancellation/interruption that an insured member or traveling companion is not able to travel (or continue traveling) due to a COVID-19 diagnosis

  2. A physician or government authority orders a member to quarantine under strict medical isolation, confined 24/7 throughout its duration

  3. A member incurs additional hotel and meal expenses due to a travel delay due to a quarantine (subject to the terms & conditions of the applicable coverage)

For More information or to Quote and Shop for Travel Plans Please visit my IMG quoting page.

Having friends or family visit the United States, protect them from costly medical bills! We have plans specifically for them too!

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