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Let's Talk Medicare

Turning 65

If you are turning 65 and aging into Medicare, I can help you learn
about enrollment periods, coverage options and how to choose a

plan that fits your lifestyle, budget and health.

Working Past 65

Not sure what your options are for coverage as you continue to
work? I can guide you through enrollment, avoid penalties, and
make sense of options like Medicare Supplement and Medicare
Advantage plans.

Life Events & Changes

You may have recently gone through a life event or change. I can
help you understand what may or may not impact your Medicare
benefits, how to choose the coverage that is right for you and avoid
late enrollment penalties or gaps in coverage.

Prescription & Plan Review

If you need to take a fresh look at your current Medicare and
prescription plans, I can assist you in understanding your options.
We will help make sure you know important dates and deadlines,
too. All at no cost.

Personalized Service

We’re not a call center, and you’re building a relationship that you can depend on year after year to meet all your Medicare needs.


Local and Available

We have a network of licensed, experienced agents that can meet with you in person, over the phone or virtually. 


Our Services Are Free

Because we are compensated by insurance companies and not by you, there is never a charge for our services. 

Our exclusive process enables you to successfully transition to Medicare and receive support throughout your lifetime. 


Education Programs

We offer education opportunities through webinars, events, videos and blogs on relevant Medicare topics.

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