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Negotiation is a Key component

I wasn't this outspoken my whole life. As a child I was often bullied and had a very small circle, more like a triangle, of 2 friends and myself. I enjoyed my animals because they were safe and wouldn't push me, tease me or hurt me. Does this maybe sound like you?

This may explain more than half of America, but then there's that rowdy half that is clearing outspoken, not afraid to speak up or speak out. These people were most likely born with this characteristic. And good for them. As for the rest of us this had to be learned.

For myself this was a learning curve full of ups and downs. Like most when it comes to my money I can be very outspoken. Especially when don't have much money.

Have you been faced with a medical bill? In my career I hear horror stories about how the insurance company denied their medical claim, only paid a small portion, or charged them months later for a bill that was once paid for and then charges were reversed after they investigated the claim further.

There are key components to reducing

your medical bill. I will give you a fair warning!

This will not be a fun adventure, it will be stressful and time consuming, but can save you hundreds of dollars!

1st you need to obtain an itemized bill. This should include CPT Codes and how much each code costed you. You can Google these codes to find out what they mean often a fair price of the code.

2nd If you have insurance you will need an EOB or explanation Of Benefits from your insurance carrier. On most carriers individual portals you can access it online, very quickly and print it out.

3rd Obtain your medical records. Ad don't let the office tell you they don't have it, or its for their benefit not yours. You pay for those records DON'T BACK DOWN. If you have to submit a written request, do it. And be sure to follow-up everyday.

4th Compare the itemized bill with the medical record. Be sure there are no charges that don't match. For example Being charged for a second opinion by a doctor when you only saw a NP, Or having a test done, like a pregnancy test, when you are clearly a male. YES FOLKS I HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN!

5th Make sure the carrier properly paid the bill. Insurance companies auto pay most bills. As long as there are characters on certain forms.

6th Make sure the bill is priced fairly. In January of 2021 A law was passed that forced hospitals to post prices of over 36,000 procedures on their websites. I like to use, or to find different price levels. This will give you evidence when the negotiation starts.


Do not come at them with emotion. Present the finding in a professional manor. Other officials have told me their stories of just asking for a reduced price. More often they will reduce by this method, but be prepared to offer the findings from your price shopping research. Offer to pay a lump sum for a discounted price instead of making monthly payments. Remind them its costly for them to send out notices, consistently call you, and they still may not get paid. If the billing manager can't/Won't help ask for someone who can or ask for the CEO. Then find his/her contact info and start emailing, calling, Facebooking, whatever it takes. But always stay professional and nice.

8th Go Public after all other forms of negotiation have been tried. Posting your story can help alert the companies media department there is a problem that needs resolved before the business has a negative image. BE TASTEFULL! Tell the facts of your story, let a friend or family member help you, take out the parts that seem to angry. You want factual attention, not be another Karen!

9th Consider Hiring a patient advocate. This can be expensive, only do this if you are fighting a few thousand dollars in bills. The national association of Health Care Advocacy is a great place to start. Or if you have a medical plan that offers this as part of your membership use them, if you don't consider getting a consumer driven health plan. Like the ones I offer get a free quote.

10th File a formal complaint of fraud to the medical board and then file in small claims court. Take their power away and put it back in your lap!

You must look at this as a job, you wont be receiving a paycheck, but you will be saving yourself or your family thousands of dollars and hopefully avoiding medical bankruptcy.

There are people just like you winning the fight everyday.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please subscribe on my website to find more helpful resources.


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