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Look at these FACTS

As the weather gets warmer and more folks are heading outside, getting their fitness on, and paying less and less attention to their surroundings accidents tend to pick up during spring.

According to the 2019 Injury Fact study by The National Safety Council there are some important facts you should know. More importantly, how to protect yourself and your loved ones from facing financial hardships when an event occurs.

Can You Afford To Be Without An Accident Plan?

  • 1 American dies every 3 minutes as a result of a accident.

  • Accidents are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US

  • Accidents are the leading cause of death for people 1 to 44

  • 1 death occurs every 12 minutes as the result of a motor vehicle accident

  • Accidents claim the lives of 19 Americans every hour, every day of the year.

Accident plans are not built the same. Each carrier has their own options and prices. In my opinion accident plans that work if you survive or not are the only options, you should consider.

Let's say you survive a bicycle crash. Your out biking in the woods, just like you do every weekend, your bike malfunctions, going down hill of course, you go flying over the handle bars and end up face to face with a rather large tree! Your to injured to walk out of the woods, the fire dept has to come and get you to the hospital where during the entire ordeal your thinking I hope my insurance covers this.

Accident plans work for you, not the insurance company. Even if you have a group health plan, ACA/Obamacare plan, or a Fixed Indemnity Plan the accident plan will pay you directly if you chose.

My favorite plans have ambulance and air ambulance coverage, pays a fixed amount for incurred expenses within 45 days of an accident, second opinion benefits, and daily hospital confinement benefits. Let's hope your not confined to a hospital for more than a few days, but if you are you could be making $300 a day just for being there. Having this daily income gives you some major breathing room, as most folks are living paycheck to paycheck.

Talk to a licensed broker about adding accident coverage, make sure the broker has different options and can explain what those options are and can point out the pros and cons of each related to your life.

Prices vary by zip code, age and carrier. Accident only plans typically have fixed rates. I have plans as low as $21 a month all they way up to $46 per month.

Make the call today to ensure you have proper protection for yourself, your family and your animals!

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