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Does your policy come with Patient Advocacy Services?

Patient Advocacy before, during, and after a healthcare event can save you emotional chaos and money every time you have a claim! Working directly with a skilled and knowledgeable advisor who cares about you, and your situation is why non-government funded health plans are the absolute way to go. We have all been down the exhausting 1-800 number road, and speaking to 6 different people and explaining your story 6 different times, just to get the same answer "I'm sending this to a manager".

I personally chose health plans with options that support my best interest. It's not only about the money saving aspect and the wider PPO open access network. Call me old fashioned, but I still like having one on one consultations. Your Obamacare plan will never have this option!

Members gain a resource and concierge-style service to help them navigate through the chaos

and confusion often associated with healthcare marketplace. This includes finding providers and facilities with the best rates, scheduling appointments, and helping reduce medical bills.

If your insurance plan lacks consumer driven extras, its time to search for other options.

It's always a good idea to be well-educated, and know your options.

Alena Marchant

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